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Who is Christophe Leray?

Christophe is a world traveler, ocean lover, and a passionate freediving and meditation instructor.

He has been sharing his passion for the ocean with his students for the last 5 years, giving them more confidence underwater, coaching them for better diving technique, and helping them achieve personal diving milestones.  In addition, his deep knowledge of meditation, stretching, and the mental challenges that come with freediving, have allowed him to offer unique perspectives in order to help others overcome mental blocks and hurdles.  Not only is this applicable in freediving, but in life as well.

Christophe is a certified SSI III and PADI Master Freediving Instructor, EFR Instructor, and REIKI practitioner.  He is also the co-founder of, a freediving and spearfishing community.

French and English spoken.

More than
Breath Hold
Max depth

PADI Basic Freediver course

1 day introduction course to freediving with confined water training

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PADI Beginner Freediver

2 days courses to learn the essentials of freediving and start your underwater experience.

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PADI Advanced Freediver

3 days to improve your freediving skills and bring your freediving experience to the next level.

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PADI Master Freediver

4 days course to learn the technics for deep diving and approach the elite levels of freediving

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Freediving coaching and training

Already certified? Join us for some freediving training or private coaching sessions.

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EFR course

Emergency First Response course (CPR and first aid) to teach the basic steps for emergency care

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Mindful Meditation

Learn how to meditate and bring mindfulness in your life


Learn how to breathe properly for a better health and better life

Reiki Healing session

Get a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being


Freedive Earth world freediving community
Téorum Textile Iodé
PADI freediving program